What’s The Best Concentrate For 710 Day?

What’s The Best Concentrate For 710 Day?

By Susan Bongtag 

Think there’s only one cannabis holiday? Think again! For too long, 4/20 has gotten all the attention as the all-encompassing day of celebration. But there are other dates that merit just as much appreciation—like 710 Day (July 10th), which celebrates all things concentrates (the name comes from the number 710 backwards, spelling out “oil”). 

When you’ve got a taste for concentrates, there’s a lot of different options on the menu. But which one is right for 710 Day? Or, more importantly, which one is right for you?  Let’s find out! 


Shatter gets its name from its appearance and texture: this concentrate is hard, glassy, and tends to literally shatter when broken apart! 

Shatter is typically dabbed, which means you need to know how to safely use a dab rig to consume it. While it’s more complicated to use, the effects of shatter are strong and hit fast. The downside of shatter is that unlike other concentrates, it’s hard to measure out because of the way it breaks off into uneven pieces—so this recommendation is only for the most expert concentrates connoisseurs, who already have a lot of practice eyeing out the proper dose.


If you’re a shatter fan, you’re a true pro. You take pride in the fact you’ve worked your way up through the cannabis ranks to an expert-level product. You’re savvy and you know it—and you’ve probably got plans for 710 already!

Rosin and Live Rosin

Unlike shatter or wax, rosin is produced with a solventless extraction from cannabis flower, using heat and pressure. 


At Garden Remedies, you’ll find both Live Rosin and Rosin on the menu—the difference being that Live Rosin is made using fresh or frozen cannabis. Some consider Live Rosin superior because it’s more faithful to the original terpene profiles of the original strain, but others prefer Rosin for its own distinctive flavor and taste—so, as with anything, you’ll have to experiment to find what you like best! 

If Rosin or Live Rosin is your favorite concentrate, you’re a true person of taste. You enjoy the finer things in life and you’re not afraid to shell out a little more or work a little harder in order to enjoy a truly top-notch product. Be sure to pick out your favorite strain if you’ll be celebrating Dab Day!


Unlike shatter, sauce has a soft and liquid texture, hence the name. This gives it an extremely heady, almost transparent texture—you can sometimes literally see the THCA diamonds in your sauce! 

Sauce is much easier to measure out than shatter because of its malleable texture, but its stickiness and liquid nature make it something of a challenge nonetheless. Be careful when handling this product for any purpose, especially during your first experiences with sauce—for instance you’ll want to use some kind of tool to scoop it out to avoid getting it all over your hands! 

If sauce is your concentrate of choice, you’re likely pretty chilled out. You’re interested in trying different kinds of things and having a good time, but without much chaos or fanfare—just grab and go. Like your product of choice, you’re happy to go with the flow and see where it takes you! 

What concentrate(s) will you be sampling on dab day? Let us know on social—and see you on 7/10! 

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