Smoking 101: When And Where To Smoke Outside In Massachusetts

Smoking 101: When And Where To Smoke Outside In Massachusetts

By Garden Remedies

Fall is about to begin, which means a season of good walking weather—at least around here, near our cannabis dispensaries in Marlborough, Melrose, and Newton. 


And with it comes the classic outdoor smoke session—after all, is there anything better than kicking back outside with a great breeze and a little weed? 


Partaking outdoors can be a fun time, but to make the most of your session, you have to know all the dos and don’ts! When it comes to marijuana in Massachusetts, you’ve got to be following both legal regulations and common etiquette … 


Here’s some dos and don’ts when it comes to smoking weed outside, to make sure that you’re always getting high in the right place and at the right time! 

DO: Pick the Right Spot


You might think smoking up outside is as simple as walking outside and lighting up… but not so fast! 


To begin with, you need to find a private space that permits smoking cannabis outdoors, such as your own home or the property of a friend or family member. 


Smoking cannabis in public is against the law in Massachusetts, so the most important thing is ensuring you’ve found a place and time where you’re permitted to smoke outdoors! 


Next, you want to really consider what kind of environment will add to the experience! Sometimes, that could just be your backyard for a relaxing and easy afternoon break. But other times, you might want to really make a day of it. 

If you’re really committed, try planning an outing with friends that requires a little legwork—moving between private spaces for your sessions, and then going out in-between to enjoy the experience! With the help of all the marijuana dispensaries nearby, doing so in a safe and dependable manner should be easier than ever before. 


DON’T: Smoke Near a Cannabis Dispensary


We understand this can be tempting, especially for your Pre-Roll smokers! But it’s so important not to smoke near a cannabis dispensary, even if you think you’ve found a secure private area. 


First off, as we’ve already mentioned, smoking cannabis in public remains against the law in Massachusetts! For this key reason, it’s crucial that you don’t smoke outdoors near a cannabis dispensary, nor in any other public outdoor spaces like parks, sidewalks, or near public transportation. 


Furthermore, locations like our marijuana dispensaries near Melrose and Newton depend on good relationships with our neighbors and host communities, so we personally ask that you keep all use to private outdoor spaces that allow smoking outdoors, such as your own home. 


DO: Gather Supplies 


Supplies are different for everyone, but you’re going to need something! Even if you’ve got a Pre-Roll from a marijuana dispensary, you’re going to need a lighter, an ashtray, and a receptacle for getting rid of any waste along the way. 


But if you’re looking to make an excursion out of it, you’ll need more supplies than that. Of course, if you’re rolling on the spot, you’ll need material from a cannabis dispensary, as well as a rolling tray, papers, tips, and so on. 


And what about supplies that aren’t directly related to cannabis? Like, if you’re going to lay out in the sun, bring sunscreen! (Your dermatologist will thank you.) Plus, why not bring some snacks along too? Maybe even bring the cooler—with some THC-spiked seltzers mixed in! 


DON’T: Leave A Trace


Now, it’s one thing if you’re in your own backyard —your house, your rules—but if you’re enjoying cannabis outdoors anywhere else, you should make sure to clean up after yourself. 


It’s essential to fully clean up all smoking materials following a session, no matter when or where it may be. Use dedicated receptacles for your roaches and other leftover material. It may sound funny, but after every session, look for “evidence”—it’s a great way to make sure you’ve left no litter behind! 

Another note: if you’re consuming cannabis through smoking, make sure to be extra careful with anything involving a spark. We’re all responsible for our environment, and even small things like properly extinguishing and disposing of our joints can help to protect our surroundings. 


DO: Have fun! 


This one is self-explanatory. By following the dos, don’ts, rules, and common etiquette of smoking outdoors, you can make sure every session hits just right—and get as much fun as possible with every bud you’ve got! 


And if you have any tips for smoking outdoors, let us know on social media! 

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