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Featured Grower of the Month

RiverRun Gardens

RiverRun Gardens is a locally owned craft cannabis cultivator in Massachusetts, dedicated to producing high quality cannabis products. Their products are for cannabis consumers, who are looking for a true craft flower that is not rushed through the process. They ensure each plant is given meticulous attention from clone to packaging. Their team of passionate cannabis experts take pride in putting in the extra effort to ensure the flower reaches its full potential. At RiverRun Gardens, there are no shortcuts taken, as they aim to provide the highest quality cannabis flower for their consumers to enjoy openly and responsibly.

What Makes Them Different

RiverRun Gardens is committed to putting out a craft product that is cared for through the entire process. No steps are skipped from plants being debudded and trimmed by hand, stored and cured for at least 21 days, and packaged to order to maximize freshness. Their pre-roll material is made from whole buds and never sifted for kief, overly dried, and finished by hand for the best burn possible. Their products are for consumers by consumers and they hope you enjoy it as much as they do.

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Featured Grower of January

HighMark Provisions

HighMark Provisions (HMP), Massachusetts’s newest Cannabis Cultivation business was established in late 2020, by Grayson Gaunya, Mark Gaunya and Farmhaus to build the premium brand of cannabis in Massachusetts and serve the avid cannabis user who seeks high-quality products that match their personal brand and desire for a unique experience.

The original vision of HMP was manifested by Grayson at the age of 16. As he watched his grandmother suffer from a form of Parkinson’s Disease and benefit from the use of Medicinal Cannabis to help her battle with the pain and suffering, he declared it as the plant of the millennium and vowed to his father Mark that he would be a part of it.

Who They Are Today

Fast forward to today, HMP is the collaboration of its three founders with a mission to build a company that is passionately committed to the principles of culture, quality and experience. Our elite team takes pride in understanding all aspects of the seed to sale process and have a vested interest in delivering on HMP’s mission. Integrating state-of-the-art technology, thorough testing processes and highly sought-out elite genetics, HighMark Provisions grows premium cannabis products that are Cultivated With Excellence.