Garden Remedies Sustainability

At Garden Remedies, we believe that mitigating the climate impact of medicinal cannabis is just as vital as medical cannabis itself. For that reason we’ve developed a series of innovative plans to reduce our own footprint across the weeks, months, and years to come.



Read on for details about some of what we’re doing now, some of what we’ll be doing in the future, and even some ways that you can help out yourself:

What We've Done!

Garden Remedies Sustainability

Measured our carbon emissions through Radical, a certified independent partner.

Garden Remedies Sustainability

During our December 2023 waste audit we saw our total waste consumption decrease by 48% since our December 2022 audit.

Garden Remedies Sustainability

Released our first ESG report which can be read here!

Garden Remedies Sustainability

Since converting to all LEDs in our cultivation facility we have seen on average 20% less energy used compared to last year and 10% in energy savings.

Garden Remedies recently started the Massachusetts Cannabis Sustainability Coalition, which is made of MA companies dedicated to improving sustainability in the industry!

The Coalition advocates for changes to CCC regulations to incentivize more sustainable practices.


Please reach out to Samantha Woodman at if you are a company interested in joining or a concerned citizen who wants to learn more!

What's Next?

Garden Remedies Sustainability

Reduce the number of trash pick-ups in our cultivation facility from twice a week to once a week. Not only would this demonstrate our reduction in waste but it would also decrease the emissions associated with pick-up of our trash.

Garden Remedies Sustainability

Increase the return rate of our packaging recollection program in our retail locations.

Garden Remedies Sustainability

Continue to host monthly Community Clean-Up Events near all our locations.

How You Can Help!

Do your part and bring in your pre-roll, flower, and edible packaging to be recycled in store or recycle it at home! Click here to learn more!

*Recycling and packaging take back programs now available at all 3 locations!

Get your receipt emailed! Garden Remedies is implementing emailed receipts as a primary option for customers at our retail locations, aligning with our sustainability goals to reduce waste.


Cannabis Advisors will ask customers if they would like an emailed or printed receipt during each transaction.