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Garden Remedies Sustainability

At Garden Remedies, we believe that mitigating the climate impact of medicinal cannabis is just as vital as medical cannabis itself. For that reason we’ve developed a series of innovative plans to reduce our own footprint across the weeks, months, and years to come.



Read on for details about some of what we’re doing now, some of what we’ll be doing in the future, and even some ways that you can help out yourself:

What We've Done!

Garden Remedies Sustainability

Measured our carbon emissions through Radical, a certified independent partner.

Garden Remedies Sustainability

We perform biannual waste audits within our cultivation and manufacturing facility.

Our goal is to divert 25% of landfill waste by June 2023.

Garden Remedies Sustainability

Reduced single-use plastic PPE by switching our Tyvek suits to machine washable coveralls and scrubs. Waste reduced by 7100.53 lbs.

Garden Remedies Sustainability

Host monthly Community Clean-Up Events near all our locations.

Garden Remedies recently started the Massachusetts Cannabis Sustainability Coalition, which is made of MA companies dedicated to improving sustainability in the industry!

The Coalition advocates for changes to CCC regulations to incentivize more sustainable practices.


Please reach out to Samantha Woodman at if you are a company interested in joining or a concerned citizen who wants to learn more!

What's Next?

Garden Remedies Sustainability

Convert to all LED lights in our cultivation center to conserve energy. We've retrofitted 189 fixtures - more to come!

Garden Remedies Sustainability

Achieve ESG goals following our first materiality assessment.

Garden Remedies Sustainability

Research energy and water reduction methods to reduce our reliance on natural resources.

How You Can Help!

Do your part and bring in your pre-roll, flower, and edible packaging to be recycled in store or recycle it at home! Click here to learn more!

*Recycling and packaging take back programs now available at all 3 locations!

Get your receipt emailed! Garden Remedies is implementing emailed receipts as a primary option for customers at our retail locations, aligning with our sustainability goals to reduce waste.


Cannabis Advisors will ask customers if they would like an emailed or printed receipt during each transaction.

ESG Goals

Environmental Goals: Set target emission goals by 2023, Continue tracking our emission year over year, retrofit lights to LEDs by 2024, research ways to recirculate our water.


Governance Goals: Define our brand, culture, and mission statements while increasing our market share. Internally we hope to improve multi-departmental communication.


Social Goals: Continue recruiting in areas disproportionately impacted by the war on drugs, eliminate the gender pay gap by 2022, hire a employee health and safety officer, hire a communications manager, and expand our in person volunteer opportunities. Continue innovating new products by increasing the number of strains and yields, increasing product potency and taste for lab produced products, and creating savory products.


A goal for 2022 for all manufacturing departments at GRI is to create a framework that will track and review each step of a given process to better understand the possible variables, and to let us communicate and/or make written records more efficiently when product issues arise.