Five Tips For Smoking Outside This Winter

Five Tips For Smoking Outside This Winter


The weather outside may be frightful, but we all know that a little fire outside can still be delightful! 


Circumstances often call for smoking cannabis outside, so long as you’re doing so
within the right guidelines and state rules (make sure not to light up too close to a dispensary near you)! Even by choice, and even during the coldest months of winter, it can be a very nice change of pace to light a bowl or burn a joint out in the open air. 


Yet one thing us cannabis smokers also know is that it can be hard to use “combustibles” (such as joints, blunts, pipes, and bowls) during very cold days! 


Not only do you need to keep yourself warm, but you also need to make sure your light doesn’t go out in a chilly winter wind, and that your material burns smooth, and that you keep all your accessories sorted out correctly within your bulky parka or winter coat—to name just three potential challenges. 


As usual, Garden Remedies is here to provide some expert tips: the next five points are our tried-and-true methods for venturing out into the cold for a great puff (without losing your flame or freezing half to death).


1. Start things off with a good spark! 


Easier said than done, right? But every great smoke must start with a great spark. Luckily there’s all kinds of methods you can use to keep your lighter functional, even in Siberian conditions. 


There’s always the classic stance of a cupped hand around the lighter to block the wind. While this works in a pinch (especially if the wind isn’t too strong), sometimes you might need a less provisional solution. 


So if that doesn’t work, try to find a sheltered spot that can block some of the wind’s force! Some kind of covered space or shelter is ideal, but you can always duck down by a fence or maybe some concrete depending on your location. 

With all that being said, you might just need new hardware. You have many different options for classic wind resistant lighters out there—why not try one this season?


2. Keep the flame going.  


It’s not enough just to start with a good spark! During the cold winter months, it’s crucial to keep joints and other combustible options burning at a smooth even pace, for at least a couple reasons. 


First off, the cold temperature will naturally extinguish your rolled options much faster than during warmer times. So if you don’t want to re-light that cannon over and over again, it’s best to pass it around the circle a little faster than usual. 


And then next, if you do have to relight your smoke repeatedly, you’re more likely to encounter a run or “canoe” effect (with rolled options), or to overburn your materials (with bowls and other pipe-based cannabis). 


If you plan your dose carefully, roll your smoke well, and light it just right, then it should burn smoothly to the end, even in the most frigid conditions. For a Pre-Roll you can definitely count on, be sure to check out the Garden Remedies
marijuana dispensaries in Melrose, Newton, and Marlborough!


3. Like always, come prepared! 


The last thing you want to happen is to find out, too late, that you need to go back inside for something you forgot! We get it, it happens—but when it does, it’s the worst. 


So we recommend you make a checklist to help you be certain that you’ve got everything you need before heading out for a green remedy: 


  • A lighter that—and this is key—actually works! Make sure to test it.

  • Your chosen smoking material, already rolled or already packed. 


  • Layer, layer, layer. Consider the temperature and put on a jacket, scarf, hat, gloves, earmuffs, Russian-style fur hat, etc. Make sure you’ll be able to grip, move, and smoke freely, but cover the rest up! 


  • It’s also nice to have a portable ashtray, especially if you’re somewhere with wildlife around.

4. Carry some alternative cannabis options. 


While us longtime heads like to say you can find a way to smoke in even the hardest conditions… sometimes you just have to wave the white flag on your rolled-up cannabis. 

That’s why it’s always good to check out your local weed dispensary for edible options as well, like the full suite of cannabis gummies available at places like Garden Remedies. That way if the weather ever says no to your Pre-Roll, you’ll still have some THC packed up and ready to go!


5. Bring a warm beverage!

Smoking in seriously cold conditions? Bringing something warm to drink is a smart move—to protect you both from the cold and from the standard dry-mouth effect. Plus, having your favorite tea, hot chocolate, cider, or hot toddy will surely make toking up a much more luxurious experience! 


Do you have any expert tips for winter smoking that we left off this list?

Be sure to connect with us on social media and let us know what to add for Vol. 2! 

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