Four Cannabis Resolutions For 2023!

Four Cannabis Resolutions For 2023!

by Garden Remedies

Weed and Melatonin Sleep Edibles

The New Year is here, and with that comes the due date for starting all our New Year’s resolutions. While most ultimately end up forgotten—or just barely remembered, with a light sense of guilt, by the end of January—it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Why not make some New Year’s resolutions you can stick to… like ones that involve cannabis! We all have resolutions for the gym, so
why not some resolutions for the dispensary near me or you, too

Below, we roll out a few suggestions for weed-based New Year’s resolutions. These are perfect for keeping in mind the next time you head to your local marijuana dispensary—like our Garden Remedies dispensaries in Melrose, Marlborough, or Newton! 

1. Try new kinds of cannabis! 

The beautiful thing about cannabis dispensaries like Garden Remedies is that you can trust every category of product will be made with the same care (and the same cannabis!) as your current favorites. 

Are you normally a dedicated smoker? There’s no better time to try an edible, like our chocolate bars made with fine Callebaut ingredients. 

Or do you consider yourself an edibles person? Try flower for a fun change,
perhaps with value options like Small Buds from Seconds

There’s a whole world of cannabis out there, so use the new year to step outside of the box and explore something new! 

2. Get more specific about your own green remedies 

We all use cannabis and other marijuana products to deliver specific effects and provide a greater balance in our lives. So the start of the new year is a great time to really figure out what works best for you! 

This might mean
looking at gummies with melatonin and THC, or chocolate bars with special indica or sativa formulas, to see if they deliver preferred effects… or it could mean testing out different rosin batches with strain-specific inputs to figure out what taste and terpene profile you prefer. 

Whatever the situation or product subcategory, the new year provides an ideal opportunity to figure out your own personal tastes and preferences for cannabis! 

3. Become gourmet with your edible selection 

The age of mid-level edibles is over—in 2023 we’re onto gourmet only. 

At Garden Remedies, we have all kinds of options that fit the bill: All natural fruit gummies from the Lotis Chefs…
chocolate bars made with fine Callebaut ingredients… unique snack-size options like High Flavor Taste Buds… the options are endless!

4. Upgrade to a better smoking set-up! 

New year, new you. If you’ve been using the same old pipe or bong since 2000-something, it’s time to make a change. 

If you stop in at any of our Massachusetts dispensaries, you can look through our accessories collection for a new bowl made by a
local glass-blowing studio like Witch Dr., or a shiny new grinder direct from Garden Remedies, or a fresh new brand of rolling papers like Raw and Blazy Susan, or something else entirely! Whatever about your cannabis habit feels boring—go ahead and switch it up! 

Because the more thought and time you put into your setup and your smoking ritual, the more you’re going to get from your cannabis. Let’s all roll into 2023 with new resolutions for the choices we make at every marijuana dispensary, to snag better scores than ever before! 

What are your cannabis resolutions for 2023?

Connect with us on social media and let us know what you would add to our list! 

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