Rolling 101: Joints vs. Blunts

Rolling 101: Joints vs. Blunts

By Garden Remedies

Whether you’re new to cannabis or a long-time smoker, chances are you know something about the art of joint rolling. After all, most weed consumed on TV or in movies is consumed in joint form. Medical dispensaries and recreational dispensaries offer Pre-Roll joints. Even the universal hand-signal for cannabis, two fingers pinched together in a smoking pose, refers to a rolled-up joint!

At the same time, you’ve probably heard of blunts too. But what exactly is a blunt? What distinguishes them from joints? And what’s going to be right for you—joints, blunts, or something else entirely?

Have no fear, because we’re here to talk you through the different ways of rolling cannabis, and to reveal the pros and cons for each one. Check out this guide, then look at dispensaries near your area—including our Newton dispensary, Melrose dispensary, and Marlborough dispensary—to discover your own favorite!


Joints are the most popular way to smoke cannabis, and one of the simplest. Just break up your material, twist it up in a natural rolling paper (using a tip for a mouthpiece if possible), and you’re ready for liftoff. 

Finding the paper you like to roll with most is a bit like finding your favorite way to smoke—you just have to try out the options you’re comfortable with, and see what you like most.

Personally, we often like to use thin hemp-based papers, like the Raw papers sold at our dispensaries in Massachusetts. But there’s plenty of rolling paper options at every Garden Remedies, so be sure to give them all their fair try—and then let us all know which one becomes your go-to!

Pre-Roll joint in front of roses

Even if you don’t know how to roll a joint, you can still take part! Try rolling an empty joint with no cannabis material and a circular paper tip for a mouthpiece in a cone shape. If you’ve done it sturdy enough, you can just pack your cannabis in with a poker right after rolling the empty joint.

With just a tiny bit of practice, anyone can learn to roll a joint their own way! 


There’s a reason joints are the gold standard. Offering the purest cannabis taste as well as the easiest and quickest roll, joints are for the cannabis lover that wants to truly appreciate their material without making too much of a production about it. 

It takes real time to learn how to roll a perfect joints (although you can always find picture-perfect Pre-Rolls at dispensaries in Massachusetts!) And joints aren’t the fastest way to smoke, either, when compared to bowls or chillums. But for the practiced hand, these cons seem like nothing at all!


Hands lighting a joint in the dark


If you’ve heard anything about cannabis since, let’s say, the 1990s, then you’ve probably heard something about blunts. But what exactly are they? 

In a sense, the answer to that question depends on who you’re asking. The phrase “blunt” initially referred to cannabis rolled out with tobacco paper or leaves taken from a cigar—preferably a cheap one. Giving a longer roll than most joint papers and burning slower too, blunts quickly became a preference across many different regions of the United States, including Massachusetts. 

Now at marijuana dispensaries near Boston and the rest of the state, you can find Pre-Roll blunts as well as unfilled blunt wraps—however these are not produced with tobacco paper. Using hemp leaves and other natural alternatives, the modern blunt wrap can sometimes offer a pure cannabis taste not too dissimilar from thicker hemp-based joints. 


Blunts are, like joints, portable and easy to light up. And when you’re with an extra-large crew, they make it possible for your smoke to go around the whole circle more than once or twice. 

The biggest con of blunts is that you end up tasting the blunt more than your actual cannabis material. Even when using hemp-based blunt papers or other natural alternatives, you’re still losing something crucial when compared to a clean burn from a joint or a bowl. 



If you’ve read this far, you’ve probably already realized that we come down on the side of being pro-joint. But the real tip here—no pun intended—is that you’ve got to find the smoke that makes sense for you.

That means deciding more than just “blunt vs. joint”… because as time goes on, you’re going to figure out what kind of paper you like, what brand of paper you like, and so on and so forth, until you’ve got your own signature personal smoke!

And finally, if you find that neither joints nor blunts are to your liking, then you’ve got plenty more options to explore! To go further down the “combustible” pathway, you could try using cannabis from a marijuana dispensary using a bowl or bong. Or you could just search for a “dispensary near me” and find somewhere that offers safe and precisely dosed edibles or topicals… like at Garden Remedies!


Have you found your own signature personal smoke?

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