Why We Make… Taste Buds Chewable Tablets

Why We Make… Taste Buds Chewable Tablets
High Flavor Taste Buds Chewable Tablets - closeup

Now there’s a new way to get high… flavors! 

High Flavor
launched with four vapes
that were made to deliver our customer’s most in-demand flavor profiles without sacrificing the amount or quality of THC. 

They were also made so we all can enjoy high flavored THC anytime and anywhere… but when it comes to “anytime and anywhere,” even vapes have limitations! 

So the High Flavor team went right back into the lab after launch, and didn’t come back until they’d finished their latest and tastiest invention:
Taste Buds Chewable Tablets

High Flavor Taste Buds

The latest product from the
High Flavor
Taste Buds
are chewable tablets infused with natural flavors and even doses of THC for easy dosing. They can be chewed up, taken sublingually, or treated like suckers—the high flavor hits every way! 

Sold in value-priced 30 Packs loaded into a pocket-sized tube to make carrying and sharing easier than ever,
Taste Buds Chewable Tablets
combine beloved staple flavors and high grade THC in the same classic snack-sized tablet! 

“Chewable tablets, in general, have so much potential as an on-the-go product, but we knew they needed to be completely re-envisioned and perfected with great flavors for a new generation of consumers,”
said Gene Ray, VP of Laboratory at Garden Remedies and head of the High Flavor lab. “By focusing on classic taste, convenient access, and snackable bite-size design as our guiding lights, we found that new vision:
Taste Buds Chewable Tablets.” 

High Flavor Taste Buds - Blood Orange

Earning a rightful place in the carrying case of any cannabis lover,
Taste Buds Chewable Tablets
serve as the perfect partner for other
High Flavor
products like
Vape Cartridges
by delivering the same flavors in a more discrete alternative delivery method. 

Count out
Taste Buds
on their own
for a perfectly dosed cannabis experience, or cap off any smoke or vape session with added snackable tablets for an extra boost of THC—all while still enjoying the same classic tastes! 

“We got so much great feedback about the original High Flavors—Blood Orange, Cherry Lime, and Hawaiian Mango—that we knew they had to grow beyond the limits of vape cartridges,” Ray added. 

are the chewable THC tablets that we’ve all been waiting for… Others may taste like chalky medicine, but our
Taste Buds
are a snack.” 

Taste Buds Chewable Tablets
are now available in
Blood Orange,
Cherry Lime, and
Hawaiian Mango
at every Garden Remedies location! 

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