Cooling Down From 4/20: Four Tips For Relaxing With Cannabis

Cooling Down From 4/20: Four Tips For Relaxing With Cannabis

By Susan Bongtag

More people are taking part in 4/20 celebrations than ever before, in large thanks to legal cannabis markets like ours in Massachusetts. Joining together to celebrate cannabis is a big part of why we operate in the first place—so having a whole day completely dedicated to the cause is something we truly appreciate. 

However, many of us tend to go a little too hard on 4/20. Maybe not even with cannabis, but just with the plans themselves—going spot to spot all day long can be exhausting on its own! So for us these days following 4/20 has become a time for recovery, for recharging batteries, and for making personal time to really cool down.  

Since you’re reading here, you probably already know the connection between cannabis and relaxation. Now, we all know the cliches about cannabis and couch potatoes—but the experienced crowd understands that the link between cannabis and relaxation goes far deeper than cheap entertainment. The knowledgeable already know the real connection between cannabis and relaxation isn’t laziness but self-care! 

Let me walk you through some of my personal favorite examples of mixing cannabis use with healthy relaxation practices: 

Ganja Yoga

I won’t pretend that I invented this one, but it’s at the top for a reason. In fact ganja yoga, by which I mean practicing yoga after partaking, has become increasingly popular in states where cannabis has been legalized—there’s even a book on the subject.  

In my experience, consuming or smoking cannabis before practicing yoga helps you to feel more connected with your body and breath, and less focused on whether you’re doing it “right.” Instead of attempting to contort myself into whatever pretzel pose the instructor is doing, I end up focusing more on what feels right for me and having fun with it—including laughing at myself when I inevitably end up falling over. 

Bong Bath

That phrase is not a totally literal suggestion—I just like the sound of it. Of course, you’re welcome to consume weed however you want in the privacy of your own home… but what I really mean is taking a bath that’s “infused” with cannabis, in whatever form you most prefer! 

For starters, taking a hot bath is a time-tested way to de-stress. In fact, hot baths have been shown to help with sleep, reduce stress hormones, and ease aching muscles and joints.  

Next, adding cannabis into your bath routine can enhance these effects—and there is a variety of ways to do it, even beyond THC. CBD bath products are widely available through certain retailers, or to keep things closer to hand, you can also use CBD massage oil as a bath oil.  

We recommend looking at the lineup from our friends at The Healing Rose—many of which can be found in the topicals section of the Garden Remedies menu!  

Cannabis Assisted Meditation

During the pandemic, meditation apps became incredibly popular as one way to de-stress. But for those of us chronically stuck inside our own heads, an extra meditative boost might be needed to help us focus on the here and now.  

Cannabis has been used to help with meditation for a long time—in fact, some Indian religious texts that are foundational to meditation and yoga practice today
describe cannabis as a sacramental herb.  

Try taking a low-dose, 1:1 CBD/THC edible or smoking a strain with a similarly low-THC profile before starting a guided meditation and see if it helps as you take some deep breaths! 

Joint and Jog

At this point, we’ve all heard about the mythical “runner’s high” from the athletically oriented people in our life, or from one of the many books on the subject. Some of you may have even experienced it—and if that is the case, more power to you!  

But for those of us that can count the number of times they’ve gone for a recreational jog with one hand, a little extra incentive is needed to lace up our tennis shoes. For that incentive we can look to
researchers at CU-Boulder studying cannabis and exercise, who found that “80% of cannabis users mix weed and working out, with 70% saying it increases enjoyment, 78% saying it boosts recovery and 52% saying it motivates them.”  

If you want to give stoner exercise a shot, here’s a few pointers: energizing strains classified as sativas will likely serve you better than indicas… Edibles and tinctures might be preferable if you’re concerned about lung power immediately after smoke sessions… And of course, listen to your body—never push yourself, instead do what feels good! 

What techniques do you use to relax with cannabis?   Connect with us on social media and be sure to let us know!

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