Understand the Connection Between Cannabis And Taurine

Understand the Connection Between Cannabis And Taurine
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Despite their widespread individual use, it can be hard to find edible products that combine the effects of cannabinoids like THC and other natural supplements like Taurine.

One of the many things that makes
our new Lotis Day gummies so unique is that they’re packed with all kinds of natural supplements that interact with infused cannabinoids to enhance the overall effect! 

Want to know how? Let us walk you through how cannabis and taurine can work together, for you to keep in mind next time you visit a weed dispensary in Massachusetts—like our Garden Remedies locations in Marlborough, Melrose, and Newton: 

How does taurine work? 

Before you consume anything with taurine in it, you should know you already have some taurine in your body! Taurine is a naturally occurring amino acid that’s most commonly found in your brain, eyes, heart, and muscles. 

While taurine is less essential than other amino acids, it’s still important to several metabolic processes including supporting nerve growth. Some studies have also shown that taurine can help people suffering from heart failure by lowering blood pressure and relaxing the nervous system. 

Somewhat counterintuitively, taurine is commonly added to energy drinks because of its calming effect—lightly suppressing the receptors in the brain that contribute to overexcitement. In theory, taurine helps to prevent jitteriness and other unwanted side effects from energy drinks and other products. 

What’s the science of cannabis? 

You probably don’t need much of an explanation for what cannabis is! But it’s still worth reminding you that THC—a cannabinoid—is the compound response for the “high” feeling we associated with using marijuana. 

Other cannabinoids
found in the recipe for Lotis Day include CBD and CBG, which are rarely available in edible products, and provide numerous unique benefits and effects as well. 

How can taurine and cannabis work together?  

Some studies have actually found a relationship between cannabis usage and the levels of taurine in your body, showing that taurine levels in the body have some correlation with cannabis usage. Cannabis users in the study tended to have higher taurine levels, particularly those with a higher weight. 

So why put taurine
in our new Mango Punch gummies? Because in combination with the other ingredients in Lotis Day—our new sativa formulation that also includes vitamin B12, ginseng, guarana, and the aforementioned cannabinoids—it can help to boost your energy. By pairing THC and other ingredients with a crucial dose of taurine, Lotis Day can help you to stay focused even while enjoying the most relaxing effects of the cannabis experience!

Do you ever take a dose of taurine with your cannabis?

Whether or not it’s your first experience with taurine and THC, be sure to let us know what you think of
Lotis Day
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