Explore The Connection Between Cannabis And Ginseng

Explore The Connection Between Cannabis And Ginseng
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One of the things that makes our new
Lotis Day gummies so unique is that they’re packed with all kinds of natural supplements that—when combined with THC—enhance their effect!


Want to know how? Let us walk you through how cannabis and ginseng can work together, for you to keep in mind next time you’re at our Marlborough, Melrose, or Newton dispensary: 

How does ginseng work?


Ginseng is a kind of root that’s commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine. So what are its uses? Well, to be honest, almost anything! Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners refer to ginseng as the “king of tonic herbs,” due to the belief that ginseng increases
qi or energy, and can relocate the energy in your body to the places that need it.


But if traditional Chinese medicine isn’t your thing, there’s also scientific evidence to back up ginseng’s use to treat a wide variety of issues. Many studies have found that ginseng may act as an antioxidant to reduce inflammation, increase brain function including memory, boost the immune system, or even help with fatigue. 

What’s the science of cannabis? 

You probably don’t need much of an explanation for what cannabis is! But it’s still worth reminding you that THC—a cannabinoid—is the compound response for the “high” feeling we associated with using marijuana. 

Other cannabinoids
found in the recipe for Lotis Day include CBD and CBG, which are far more rarely available in edible products, and provide numerous unique benefits and effects as well. 

How do ginseng and cannabis work together? 

Ginseng and cannabis have been used together to enhance each other’s effects for a very long time. In ancient Chinese medicine, the two were often combined for their energizing effects. The sixth century text
Collection of Commentaries on the Classic of the Materia Medica states that—even then—people used to “take cannabis flower (mabo) with ginseng and know of things that have not yet come.” 

In the 16th century
Compendium of Materia Medica, the Chinese herbalist and physician Li Shizhen regarded this as “an overstatement,” but still added that the combination of ginseng and cannabis allows one to “know the affairs of the four directions” and treats forgetfulness. 

We believe that ginseng and cannabis provide an excellent combination, granting energy and focus required to face each new day while at the same time providing a proper dose of the plant’s more psychoactive effects. 

The recipe for Lotis Day speaks to our dedication towards the combination of ginseng and THC, as well as other crucial supplements like B12, guarana, and taurine! 

Do you enjoy the combination of ginseng, THC, and other natural supplements?

Be sure to check out Lotis Day next time
you’re at a dispensary in Massachusetts, and then let us know what you think about the recipe on social media using the links below! 

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