What Is CBN In A Cannabis Edible?

What Is CBN In A Cannabis Edible?
Weed and Melatonin Sleep Edibles

Of course, our new Lotis Day and Night gummies have THC in them, but that’s just the starting point! 

THC is the most well-known cannabinoid and the one that typically gets all the credit for making you feel high. When you visit a dispensary near me or you, the products are listed with THC percentages up top for a reason! 

But THC isn’t the only cannabinoid on the block—in fact, basically all cannabis strains contain a wide variety of them. To see a full cannabinoid breakdown for any flower at a Garden Remedies dispensary in Melrose, Marlborough, or Newton, just check the menu online and scroll below the initial product description!

Our Lotis edibles also contain other naturally occurring cannabinoids that, when combined with THC, enhance or add to its effect. Just like the entourage effect that you’ve probably heard about in relation to smoking flower, edible products with a wide range of natural cannabinoids have the capability to create an even deeper and stronger wave of effects. 

So what do these other cannabinoids add to our Lotis Day and Lotis Night gummies? To start, let’s walk through CBN—one of the ingredients in our Lotis Night indica Blueberry Dream gummies—and show how it works. Consider it a reminder for you to keep in mind next time you’re picking out some green remedies at Marlborough, Melrose, or Newton dispensaries:

What is CBN? 

CBN (cannabinol) is a naturally-occurring and non-intoxicating cannabis compound. CBN forms as THC ages, which means the amount of CBN in your flower will actually increase with time!

The most widely accepted and well-known benefit of CBN is that it can help with sleep. CBN is considered a natural sleep aid, and when combined with THC, it has a synergistic effect that’s responsible for its efficacy.


Our Lotis Night recipe pairs CBN with other ingredients such as melatonin and THC to create lasting and consistent effects designed to help you dream the night away! 

What does CBN do in an edible? 

CBN is part of our Lotis Night gummy recipe both to enhance the effect of THC and to help temper other cannabinoid effects in order to deliver the most consistent and desired effects possible. 

For instance, while CBN can amplify the euphoric feeling of being high, it also can bring you down and help you relax—making it perfect for an edible that also includes cannabis and melatonin ingredients! 

How do you feel about the combination of cannabis edibles and CBN?

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