Cannabis 101: What Is A Blunt?

Cannabis 101: What Is A Blunt?

by Garden Remedies

If you’ve used any cannabis during the last 30 years, you’ve probably at least heard of blunts. Maybe you’ve already been passing them for years now! Yet for some the question remains, what is a blunt? So like always, Garden Remedies is here with the answers! 


Believed to have been first brought to the United States by Caribbean immigrants, the blunt was originally popularized in cities like New York and Philadelphia before spreading further via references in media and rap music. Like in 1988, Brooklyn rapper Big Daddy Kane and Compton rapper King T both released highly blunted tracks (“Raw” and “Flirt”, respectively). And in 1995, the controversial Larry Clark x Harmony Korine feature Kids gave audiences a full-on blunt rolling tutorial! 


From that point in the mid-90s, blunts became a regular feature of American weed culture, regardless of the region. Nowadays you can even find Pre-Roll Blunts at weed dispensaries like Garden Remedies in Marlborough, Melrose, and Newton. 


Arguments continue even now about who truly deserves credit for the initial explosion of blunt smoke… But no matter who cracked the first cigar paper, what matters is that the blunt is here to stay!


What is a blunt?


At the basest level, a blunt can be defined as cannabis that’s been rolled with cigar or hemp paper as opposed to a more traditional joint-style rolling paper. 


See, the phrase “blunt” initially referred to cannabis rolled with paper made from tobacco, usually the wrap taken from a cheap unrolled cigar. But now there are countless alternative blunt options available without any tobacco content, so the definition has certainly widened! 


Now at marijuana dispensaries near Boston—including our own Melrose, Newton, and Marlborough dispensaries—you can find pre-rolled blunts as well as unfilled blunt wraps from great brands like King Palm. 


When you’re ordering ahead online, be sure to check out the accessories section of the menu for blunt wraps and other similar products!


What are blunts made with? 


As mentioned above, there’s a long history of blunts rolled using numerous kinds of paper. At Garden Remedies, we recommend hemp-based blunt wraps like those offered by King Palm or RAW. Hemp-based blunt wraps can be found in both pre-roll cone style, as well as unrolled for anyone that prefers to spin one up themselves! 


Using hemp-based papers can offer a pure cannabis taste not too dissimilar from some joints, without the health problems caused by smoking cigar papers with nicotine and tobacco. And even better, hemp-based blunt wraps come in all kinds of sizes, so you can roll one exactly to your preferred size—just like with extra-large cigar papers!


How to roll a blunt? 

Rolling a blunt, even when using a standard hemp wrap, is a subject for a whole different 101 post. But if you haven’t learned the craft yourself yet, we’ve got you covered with our new Barrel Roll Blunts! 


Blunts are now available at our marijuana dispensaries in Marlborough, Melrose, and Newton in both individual and two-pack options. 


Our Barrel Roll Blunts are filled with our finest high-THC cannabis strain and rolled with natural hemp-based blunt paper—but that’s not all. They’re also cured in a whiskey barrel we purchased ourselves just for this purpose, lending the blunts a flavorful, whiskey-tinged burn! Do a Barrel Roll Blunt and land on the cutting edge of weed culture! 


What’s your preference for blunt papers? Do you use cones, wraps, or perhaps even do it the old-fashioned way?

Let us know by connecting with Garden Remedies on social media! 

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