Popular Pre-Rolls

With a Garden Remedies cannabis pre-roll, enjoying a joint has never been easier! Rolling joints is not for everyone. Our pre-rolls offer a hassle-free solution to consume cannabis. We understand that convenience is key, which is why we take pride in providing a clean and ready-to-use product for our customers.


When it comes to the quality of our pre-rolls, we never compromise. Each one is carefully prepared using freshly ground whole flower, ensuring that you get the full flavor and potency of the cannabis. Unlike other pre-rolls on the market, we never use trim or shake in our products. This means that you are getting the best possible experience with every smoke.


One of the unique features of our pre-rolls is the way they are tamped, rather than twisted. This technique helps to create a more even spark, resulting in a smoother burn. We believe that every puff should be enjoyable, and our tamping method ensures just that.



To enhance your smoking experience even further, we use Raw brand papers and tips for all our pre-rolls. Raw brand papers are known for their high quality and clean burn, allowing you to fully savor the flavors of cannabis without any unwanted aftertaste.



Garden Remedies pre-rolls are great for both experienced and new cannabis users, providing a easy and enjoyable experience. With our commitment to quality and convenience, you can trust that every puff will be a delight. So sit back, relax, and let us take care of the rolling for you.

Airplane Glue #3 Pre-Roll

On top of whole flower, you can find most of our strains in 1 gram pre-roll from as well. We provide a wide variety of strains so everyone can enjoy the convenience of their favorite bud already rolled up. Keep an eye out at your local Garden Remedies for your favorite strain.

Kief Infused Pre Roll

Cultivators have long searched for the perfect way to merge the smoothness of rolled flower with the high potency of extracts and concentrates. Our Infused Pre-Roll is the end result of that search: It combines our most popular strains with kief, distillate, and extracted terpenes to create an experience that offers the best of all worlds.

Our new and improved Pre-Roll multipack includes 5 joints to keep you always loaded up, all rolled at the perfect burn and go size of 0.3g, and packaged together in a perfectly pocket-sized tin case to protect from breaks and crunches! Keep the stash nearby anytime with the Pocket Pack!

To be Double Jointed is to be well prepared—because you never know when you’re going to need two! With two doobs in a tube, you’ll be ready for anything!

Blunt Cone

Our blunts are tobacco-free, allowing the taste of the cannabis to shine through. Blunts are typically larger than our other pre-rolls for a longer smoke.


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