What Is CBC In A Cannabis Edible?

What Is CBC In A Cannabis Edible?
Weed and Melatonin Sleep Edibles

It would be easy to say that THC is the most important element in all cannabis edibles… but the labels for our Lotis recipes illustrate, there’s a lot more to edibles than any one cannabinoid! 


For example our new Blueberry Dream Lotis Night gummies feature melatonin and THC as well as more natural fruit ingredients, and finally, additional cannabinoids like CBC that further enhance its unique indica effects


But what exactly does CBC add to edibles like our Lotis Night gummies? Let’s start with a general overview defining CBC and its own properties.


It may sound technical at first but learning more about cannabinoids will help you to make a more informed decision next time you go to your local dispensary—like the Garden Remedies dispensaries in Melrose, Newton, and Marlborough! 

What is CBC?

Considered “one of the big six cannabinoids,” CBC (or cannabichromene, if you’re feeling scientific) is a naturally occurring and non-intoxicating cannabis compound. The reason CBC doesn’t cause you to feel “high” is that it doesn’t bind well to cannabinoid receptors in the brain. Which is something that THC, by contrast, does very well. 


Instead, CBC binds to other receptors—a feature that has caught the eye of many cannabis researchers. Initial studies have shown CBC
may help block pain and inflammation, especially in combination with other cannabinoids. 


Like so many other parts of the marijuana experience, we’re left to anticipate further scientific discoveries about CBC, which have been clouded to date by the lack of studies into the genetic makeup of cannabis plants. 


One thing we can say for sure: You can find CBC, at least in small amounts, in lots of the flower available at weed dispensaries near you!

What does CBC do in an edible? 


While CBC has its own properties and qualities, it also gives us a great example of the famous entourage effect that occurs when other cannabinoids are combined with THC.

The entourage effect simply means that a cannabinoid, when combined with others including THC, will produce a unique effect separate from their individual ones. Products like Lotis Night show us the entourage effect holds true for edibles too!


This means that when CBC is added to the melatonin and THC in our Blueberry Dream cannabis gummies, you hopefully are able to relax and drift off to sleep more naturally. With Lotis Night, dreams really do come true!


How do you feel about the combination of cannabis edibles and CBC? 

Connect with Lotis on social media and let us know about your experiences with Day and Night! 

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