Garden Remedies Expands High Flavor Brand With Taste Buds, New THC-infused Chewable Tablets

Garden Remedies Expands High Flavor Brand With Taste Buds, New THC-infused Chewable Tablets

FITCHBURG, October 14, 2022 — Garden Remedies, the home of cannabis in Massachusetts, is proud to announce the release of Taste Buds, a new line of THC-infused chewable tablets available from the company’s High Flavor brand.

The first lineup of Taste Buds includes Blood Orange, Cherry Lime, and Hawaiian Mango, with each tablet including about 3mg THC for easy and even dosing. They can be chewed up, taken sublingually, or treated like suckers—the high flavor hits every way!

Taste Buds are now available in value-priced 30 Packs at every Garden Remedies location.

“Chewable tablets, in general, have so much potential as an on-the-go product, but we knew they needed to be completely re-envisioned and perfected with great flavors for a new generation of consumers,” said Gene Ray, VP of Laboratory at Garden Remedies and head of the High Flavor lab. “By focusing on classic taste, convenient access, and snackable bite-size design as our guiding lights, we found that new vision: Taste Buds Chewable Tablets.”

Taste Buds is the second product line from the High Flavor brand. The product’s Blood Orange, Cherry Lime, and Hawaiian Mango flavors were selected to match the first wave of High Flavor Vape Cartridges.

“High Flavor was created earlier this year to give our consumers the exact flavors, tastes, and experiences they desire from a cannabis vape,” said Jeffrey Herold, CEO of Garden Remedies. “And we immediately realized the brand could deliver unique experiences beyond the vape category, too. Our bite-sized Taste Buds provides the THC add-on that Massachusetts cannabis lovers have been waiting for.”

Count out some Taste Buds on their own for a perfectly dosed cannabis experience, or cap off any smoke or vape session with added snackable tablets for an extra boost of THC!

“Taste Buds really are the next generation of chewable THC tablets,” Ray concluded. “Most others may taste like chalky medicine, but our Taste Buds are a snack.”

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Garden Remedies operates medical and recreational dispensaries in Newton, Melrose, and Marlborough, all powered by a best-in-class cultivation facility in Fitchburg. Through consistency, quality, and craft, Garden Remedies has become the home of cannabis in Massachusetts, developing each product from plant to person. It’s grown right here!

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