We are committed to fostering a culture where our employees are encouraged to engage with their local communities. As part of this initiative, we are offering to support employees who wish to participate in community events and who wear their GR gear. 


We understand that community engagement is a personal and fulfilling journey. Therefore, we will reimburse the expenses related to the ticket and access to the event itself ($50 and under), to facilitate our employees in being active members of their communities. This is separate from the larger events sponsored by the company, which will continue as planned, showcasing our ongoing commitment to corporate social responsibility. 


If these community events occur during work hours, we encourage employees to coordinate with their managers to ensure a smooth process and alignment with company policies.  


For any questions about events or if you know of any events not mentioned below, please contact Sam Woodman at swoodman@gardenremedies.com.   


March 15th Windswept Seas 

March 15th 7pm-8pm: Grammy nominated storyteller Sarah Walker share an exciting adventure on the high seas!  

Location: 379 Hammond St, Chestnut Hill 

Admission: $35 general, $20 student  


March 24th Ritual and Dance  

March 24th 3pm-5:30pm: Enjoy a concert of ritual and dance music!  

Location: 300 Hammond Pond Pkwy Auditorium, Chestnut Hill 

Admission: Free 

No events at this time

Hoops & Homework Volunteer Opportunities Anytime 

Anytime: Volunteer to help tutor students virtually or in person, create a space for outdoor activities and education, and provide organizational support.  

Location: To volunteer apply here – https://hoopsandhomeworkinc.com/get-involved/  


Anytime Volunteer for Literacy Volunteers of the Montachusett Area 

Anytime: become a tutor, help in a citizenship class, help in a conversation class and more.  

Location: Fill out this form if interested – https://lvmonta.org/volunteer/  


January 24th Pass the Feather a No Evil Project  

January 24th 6:30pm- 8pm: Learn about current roles and historical culture of Native American Heritage in New England from Chief Ladybug. 

Location: 675 Main St, Fitchburg  

Admission: Free  

No events at this time

No events at this time