Paper Crane and Garden Remedies Team Up for Organic Flower in Newest Partnership from the Garden Together Program

Paper Crane and Garden Remedies Team Up for Organic Flower in Newest Partnership from the Garden Together Program

Fitchburg, December 21, 2022 – Paper Crane ( and Garden Remedies, Inc. (GRI, are proud to announce the landing for Paper Crane’s first complete harvest of cannabis products, now available at every Garden Remedies location.

Paper Crane’s organic cannabis is now available as both Pre-Rolls and Vapes at each Garden Remedies dispensary, with strains including the seasonally appropriate Candy Cane x OG, as well as Banana Kush, Lemon Spritzer x Blue Dream, Gorilla Breathe, GMO x OG, and Cotton Candy. 

“We are so excited to see this collaboration between Paper Crane Cannabis and Garden Remedies come to life,” said Lisa Mauriello, co-founder and VP of Paper Crane Cannabis. “As regenerative cannabis farmers, it’s wonderful to work with a company that shares our dedication to sustainability. We’re so proud to offer our organic sungrown products at Garden Remedies stores!”

Paper Crane is the latest company to join GRI’s Garden Together initiative, which has also facilitated partnerships with cannabis brands including RiverRun Gardens and community organizations such as the Big Hope Project.

“Truly local organizations need to work together to connect with our communities. We see that in every walk of life, and that’s what Garden Together is all about,” said Jeffrey Herold, CEO of GRI. “We’re so excited to make the next step in that program by helping to produce and distribute Paper Crane’s premium, sungrown cannabis. We’re already seeing the quality of the organic flower and the story of Paper Crane’s business connect deeply with our patients and customers!”

Paper Crane was founded by husband-and-wife team Boey Bertold and Lisa Mauriello in August 2019. Boey and Lisa are both participants in the state’s first Social Equity Program cohorts, a program designed to offer training and benefits to those disproportionately impacted by the War on Drugs. As a state-designated Social Equity business, Paper Crane carries a theme of service to the community through every stage of the craft.

“We are honored to share our deep love for the cannabis plant with consumers and patients across the state,” concluded Mauriello. “We hope and expect that our passion for cultivating the best organic, sungrown cannabis shines through in every single product!”

About Garden Remedies, Inc.

Garden Remedies operates medical and recreational dispensaries in Newton, Melrose, and Marlborough, all powered by a best-in-class cultivation facility in Fitchburg. Through consistency, quality, and craft, Garden Remedies has become the home of cannabis in Massachusetts, developing each product from plant to person. Grown with you in mind! Visit GRI online at

About Paper Crane Cannabis

Paper Crane is a family-owned social equity business that cultivates the state’s finest sungrown cannabis. Harnessing the great powers of nature and the knowledge that comes with decades of legacy cannabis experience, Paper Crane grows terpene-rich organic flower that is deeply rooted in both sustainability and social justice. Stay loyal to the soil with Paper Crane! Visit Paper Crane online at

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