Did you enter the Spicy Gummy Challenge?

Did you enter the Spicy Gummy Challenge?

Did you enter the #SpicyGummyChallenge? 

Less than one month ago, Garden Remedies added the limited edition Spooky Spicy Gummy to our menu, and it’s been burning up our social feed ever since. Taking influence from uninfused challenge gummies cooked up elsewhere, the Spooky Spicy Gummy is by far the hottest edible product available on the cannabis market. 

Were you brave enough to try it? If not, you may still be able to find one of the last available boxes at your closest Garden Remedies (each pack contains two gummies, so you can dare a friend to join you). And if you did, read on—you might’ve won the challenge yourself! 

Cooking up a Challenge

The Spooky Spicy Gummy was the result of creative partnerships between many different elements of the Garden Remedies team. Collectively we created one of the most innovative and fun cannabis products released this year—some were even prompted to tell the story for the press!

“The inspiration for the Spooky Spicy Gummy came from seeing all the non-infused [spicy gummies] on the market and thinking, this would be better if it had cannabis in it!,” Head Chef Christopher Kittredge explained in an article published by “And it developed from there, especially when we found a local hot sauce company. We spoke with the owner and had him in to see what we were doing, and he loved it.”

Kittredge also talked about how working on the Gummy provided a seasonally appropriate respite from the usual catalog of Garden Remedies products.

“We have an amazing team of chefs in our kitchen, and they work hard making our regular gummies all day every day, so it was nice to do something outside of the ordinary,” he continued. “We had a blast with the R&D.”

After the release date, the coverage continued at Masslive, where product innovation manager Jodi Hylton spoke about the special ingredients working inside the Spooky Spicy Gummy.

“We know that ghost pepper is super hot,” Hylton told Masslive, “and while that is an added ingredient, the real heat comes from pure capsaicin.

“At the end of the day, we do call it a challenge for a reason!”

Scaring up Social Feeds

Like most limited edition products at Garden Remedies, we didn’t say much about the Spooky Spicy Gummy before release—we prefer to wait until you can talk back. 

Instead we just sent early information to members of our Garden Party VIP email and text lists, then watched as the word of mouth spread. 

We also invited all purchasers of the Spooky Spicy Gummy to take part in the #SpicyGummyChallenge by videoing their experience and posting it to a social feed. Whoever got the most views would win the challenge, and some extremely well crafted gifts to go along with it.

We received waves of #SpicyGummyChallenge participants as word spread, with many taking videos alongside friends to help them fight off the heat! A winner was chosen just last week, selected for having the highest number of views on their #SpicyGummyChallenge video. 

We also collected all the #SpicyGummyChallenge reactions at our Instagram, and made a highlight pin to store all the videos on our profile. So if you want to be featured too, keep an eye on the feed and join the next challenge!

Next Limited Drops from the Garden

If you’re not keeping your ear to the Garden, then you might end up missing out on something very special. But don’t take our word for it—you can hear it from High Times

The canonical cannabis magazine recently published their “Top 13 Halloween Picks” on their website, and the Spooky Spicy Gummy was literally at the top of the list.

Garden Remedies continues to create innovative and limited edition cannabis products on a seasonal basis, with plans already underway for all of 2022. To make sure you hear about our limiteds for winter and beyond—which’ll be sure to delight candy and chocolate lovers—join the Garden Party email and text lists! 

We know we should keep everything secret until release day, but sometimes we can’t help giving early looks to our friends…