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Newton looks to Brookline as recreational marijuana shop opening looms

As the opening of Garden Remedies’ adult-use section looms, local police and planning officials have been in close contact with Garden Remedies and their Brookline counterparts to ensure “the opening is smooth with as little impact on the neighborhood and traffic as possible.”

Dr. Karen Munkacy, President and CEO of Garden Remedies, recently said the exact opening date is not yet known.

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Garden Remedies
The Wall Street Journal

Legalized Marijuana Gives Hiring Managers a Headache

Brooke Charron, Director of Human Resources at Garden Remedies, Inc is quoted in The Wall Street Journal’s recent article regarding the hiring dilemma in states that have legalized marijuana.

“Brooke Charron frequently lost quality candidates who couldn’t pass a drug test for marijuana when she worked in human resources for a defense contractor in New Hampshire.”

Working for Garden Remedies Inc.—a Massachusetts manufacturer of cannabis-infused products lik gummies, chocolate and lotions, Brooke says, “Now I don’t have to worry about that.”

Images from Garden Remedies’ facility are featured in the article as well.

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The Eagle-Tribune

Haverhill woman in pot mentor program

Garden Remedies proudly welcomes the inaugural class of our recently launched Catalyst Mentoring Program!

Reporter Kiera Blessing interviews Caroline Pineau, the owner of Haverhill STEM—a proposed recreational marijuana shop on Washington Street— who is one of three participants in the mentoring program for other cannabis entrepreneurs in the state.  Caroline and the other two participants will get firsthand experience addressing the unique business challenges and opportunities in the cannabis industry.

"We are a mission-driven organization; it's core to our culture, and important to all of our employees," Dr. Karen Munkacy, President and CEO of Garden Remedies, said in a statement. "We're excited to play a role in helping this industry grow responsibly. 

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Worcester Business Journal

Fitchburg Marijuana Grower Starts Entrepreneurial Program  

Zachary Comeau reached out to Garden Remedies regarding our ground-breaking Catalyst Program, meant to mentor budding cannabis entrepreneurs and give them skills and knowledge to succeed in the increasingly competitive cannabis market.

From the article : 
“‘We are a mission-driven organization; it's core to our culture, and important to all of our employees,’ CEO Karen Munkacy said in a statement. ‘We're excited to play a role in helping this industry grow responsibly.’

The Garden Remedies program includes in-person and virtual learning experiences and mentoring sessions to address unique challenges in the industry.”

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1st legal marijuana stores are open in Massachusetts, but industry is far from mature

Shira Schoenberg takes a close look a the Massachusetts cannabis industry as recreational dispensaries are on the brink of opening, “After years of preparation and debate, legal marijuana is now a reality in Massachusetts.” 

Although there are many challenges for the new, highly regulated industry, cannabis advocates note that the consumption of cannabis is nothing new in Massachusetts.

“’It’s a huge market, but it’s not a market that the licensed companies are creating,’ said Karen Munkacy, CEO of the medical marijuana company Garden Remedies, which is working to open recreational stores. ‘It’s just we’re taking products that are being sold by criminals and are untested and can be unsafe and providing product that is tested, safe and taxed.’”

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Sentinel & Enterprise

Fitchburg pot cultivator seeks OK to do research

Mina Corpuz spotlights Garden Remedies and their desire to research the effect of marijuana on opiate addicts. 

From the article : 

“FITCHBURG -- Garden Remedies, which has operated a medical-marijuana cultivation and processing facility in the city since 2016, is looking for approval from the state to research how marijuana could help treat people recovering from narcotics addiction and delay the onset of Alzheimer's disease.”

“'We need something that is much more effective," CEO Karen Munkacy said Monday. "The research needs to be done.’"

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mg Magazine

50 Best Cannabis Companies to Work for in 2018

Garden Remedies is excited to announce our inclusion in mg Magazine's "50 Best Cannabis Companies to Work for in 2018" list. They had this to say about Garden Remedies company culture: "Grand occasions aren’t the only reason to celebrate at Garden Remedies, though the company certainly does take pride in celebrating special moments with events such as ‘harvest parties’ when hitting cultivation milestones. The company revels in providing a ‘positive, healthy work environment’ and in the diversity of its team: Currently, 67 percent of executive roles are occupied by women. World-class recycling and conservation programs surpass those of nearly every other company on this list."

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Wicked Local Melrose

 Retail marijuana could be coming to Melrose soon 

Conor Powers-Smith covers Garden Remedies’ hope for expansion into adult use sales just months after opening its medicinal dispensary. 

“’We’d like to be open for adult-use sales as soon as we can,” said Dr. Karen Munkacy, founder, president and CEO of Garden Remedies, which opened its Melrose dispensary in October. “As soon as they have the zoning for adult-use locations, we will start the process.’”

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The Heights

Mayor Fuller Leads Discussion on the Future of Marijuana in Newton

At a recent forum, Newton Mayor Ruthanne Fuller states that Garden Remedies located on Washington Street—the first medical marijuana dispensary in Newton—has not experienced any loitering, traffic problems, or related police calls since its establishment in 2016.

Local cannabis experts sounded off at the forum titled “Wondering About Weed?” The event, hosted by the Department of Health and Human Services is doing its part to educate local residents on the impacts the drug will have on adolescents and adults now that marijuana will be more accessible to Newton citizens.

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Community Advocate

Marlborough marijuana dispensary gets a green light 

Green means go! Marlborough’s City Council has approved a special permit for Garden Remedies, Inc., to open a medical and adult use marijuana dispensary at the Marlborough Square Shopping Center. With building permit in hand, Garden Remedies’ Chief Operations Officer Jeff Herold said GRI is expected to start interior construction within the next few weeks. 

Vicki Greene reports on the special permit and what it entails.

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Boston Globe

Moulton Legislation Would Push VA on Medical Marijuana for Veterans

Garden Remedies employs many veterans, including our COO.  The Boston Globe interviewed COO, Jeff Herold, who is also a Navy veteran, for a story on a trio of bills that would nudge Veteran Affairs to better integrate cannabis into the treatment it provides veterans.  

 “It’s crazy to think that the solutions to those problems have been out there the whole time, but veterans just haven’t had access to them,” says Jeff.

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