What is Full Spectrum Extract?

What is Full Spectrum Extract?

That so many different concentrates are currently available on the market is just further proof of how versatile cannabis treatment really is. Depending on your needs and your taste, there’s THC distillates, CBD tinctures, and RSO oil, just to name a few… and now you can add Full Spectrum Extract to the list, too. 

You’ve probably heard of Full Spectrum Extract before, except under a different name. At Garden Remedies, we’ve previously sold it as SFE Concentrate, or SFE Oil. Some others also call it CO2 oil, budder, or liquid batter. But nothing describes the product so well as
Full Spectrum Extract—which refers to how completely these concentrates encapsulate the full cannabis experience. 

Whether you’re looking to dab, smoke, vape, or cook, Full Spectrum Extract is just a drop away.

You say it used to be called SFE Concentrate—what does that mean?

SFE stands for “supercritical fluid extraction,” which is the system used to create Full Spectrum Extract. The solvent-free SFE process uses CO2 to extract and separate all the different properties of the cannabis flower without additives or impurities. That means the resulting oil features all properties of the flower itself—not just THC but also terpenes and other rarer cannabinoids too.

How can I use Full Spectrum Extract?

Full Spectrum Extracts ranks among the most open-ended cannabis products currently on the market. Whether you like to smoke, dab, vape, or even cook your cannabis, FSE makes it easy.

And it’s also among the easiest concentrates to actually use: the smooth, honey-like liquid slides right out of the dart, with no heating process needed. After that, you can:

  • Dab it
  • Layer it over a joint or blunt for enhanced taste and effects
  • Use it to top off a bowl or bong hit
  • Vape it
  • Cook with it—so long as you’re careful with your dosing and your heating!


Just be sure to let us know about your experience! We continue to experiment with different strains for our Full Spectrum Extract, so we hope to hear about your favorites—and how you used them.

Is Full Spectrum Extract different than other concentrates?

There’s at least three distinct ways that Full Spectrum Extract is different from other concentrates.

First is the properties of the oil itself. For example, a THC distillate dart will contain only the THC from cannabis flower, but the SFE process allows for an extract that contains numerous different properties of the plant—THC, THCa, other cannabinoids, and of course all the terpenes. So the first difference is that you’re actually getting a lot more from the flower with Full Spectrum Extract than you are with other forms of extraction.

Second, the Full Spectrum Extract process allows for strain-specific oils derived from the highest quality flower, like for example from our signature Cease and Desist and Rainmaker strains. This is different from other distillates like our vape cartridges, which contain THC oil sourced from curated blends of various different strains (which of course brings its own benefits). In contrast, Full Spectrum Extract is made in small batches using individual strains. 

So you’re not only getting all the properties of the cannabis flower—you’re also getting the flavor and taste of a specifically-chosen strain.

And finally third, the last way that Full Spectrum Extract stands apart is by its texture. While some concentrates and distillates are rock solid to the extent that you need to run a flame under them before usage, FSE has a less viscous feel. Some have even compared the texture to honey! 

On that note, please be careful with application—as with most concentrates, you don’t want to waste a single drop.

Is Full Spectrum Extract stronger than other concentrates?

It’s not so much that Full Spectrum Extract is stronger than other concentrates… it’s just that, as the saying goes, it’s made different. 

Because Full Spectrum Extract includes so many properties of the cannabis flower—including THC, THCa, other cannabinoids, and terpenes—it gives off a much more full-bodied effect than, for example, THC distillate. Even the smell and the taste of Full Spectrum Extract brings you right back to the original flower. If you’ve got a sharp tongue, you’ll notice basically the exact same flavor profile as whatever strain the concentrate was made from.

Ultimately what Full Spectrum really means is a concentrate that presents a multifaceted and far more flower-like profile of tastes and effects. Loaded with all the natural properties of cannabis flower, FSE provides a truly expansive cannabis experience. So if you’ve ever felt that other distillates were always just

missing something
when compared to flower, then Full Spectrum Extract may be exactly what you’ve been looking for.


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