Tips About Edibles For Beginners (and Experts Too!)

Tips About Edibles For Beginners (and Experts Too!)

By Susan Bongtag

Completely different from their depiction in popular culture across the past few decades,cannabis edibles are no longer defined by the mysterious “special brownie” offered up by a hazy roommate. From candy bars to gummies to capsules and even beverages, cannabis edibles now come in all shapes and sizes—and are prepared with exact dosages by professional chefs. Now we control the experience, rather than some random connection. 


But when options are so unlimited, that can be intimidating on another level! How are you supposed to know the right option for you? Have no fear: I’m here to help curate the best possible edible experience for you, based on your experience level and what’s available for cannabis in Massachusetts. No matter your experience level, read on for personalized tips about cannabis edibles!



Never tried an edible before? No problem! There’s a few general things you should know before you even think about what specific kinds of edibles you might want to try. 


First, you should know that edibles take effect much slower than smoking. This is because you have to begin digesting the edible you’re taking before they begin to work, producing effects that may be different from those you experience when smoking. With all types of cannabis consumption, it’s best to wait and see how effects take hold over a long period of time rather than rush towards another dosage in quick succession—but with edibles, you want to wait longest of all. 


Second, it’s always best to start with a very low dose to help you acclimate to the experience. There’s a saying for this: “Start low, and go slow,” meaning you should begin with a dose that you know is extremely small, and then slowly work your way up to the effects you’re comfortable with. 


To help with that, I’d also recommend that beginners try edibles where an individual piece contains just one single dose, as opposed to something like a multi-piece chocolate bar. One example is our own Chocolate Gems, which come three-to-a-pack with low individual doses contained within each. Plus, they’re gorgeous to look at and are made with fancy Callebaut chocolate—giving you a gourmet introduction to the world of cannabis edibles!




So you’ve already been around the block a few times… Maybe you’ve tried some edibles, but haven’t found the one that’s perfect for you just yet… Maybe you’re very experienced with other kinds of cannabis, but edibles not so much… And you’re looking for something that, at the end of the day, can be relied on to help you relax, or just have a really good time watching TV on your couch. 


Intermediate reader, I want you to focus on really enjoying yourself, and to have that lightbulb moment you’ve been looking for. That means enjoying every part of the edible experience—including the taste. 


Taste is especially important to us here at Garden Remedies, and it’s because of that that we have created High Flavor, a brand dedicated to making cannabis taste how you’ve always wanted! In addition to vapes, High Flavor also has a line of delicious gummies dosed at 5mg per gummy. The gummies are packed with loads of flavor – Amped Watermelon, Electric Citrus, and Tropic Thundah!

Garden Remedies Our Products High Flavor

Enjoy High Flavor THC anytime and anywhere with High Flavor Gummies!




If you fall into this category, then you’re probably no stranger to the edible experience. Maybe you prefer them to flower, or maybe edibles work better for the medical condition you use cannabis for—regardless of the journey, at this point you don’t need my advice on how to use edibles. 


Instead, let’s talk about the very different effects that different kinds of edibles can have, so you can choose what works best for you at the moment. For example, each product in our line of effects-based fruit chews is formulated to produce a different effect—helping you to control the edible experience more than ever before. 


OurSerenity Fruit Chews combine THC and melatonin to help you relax, while our Clarity Fruit Chews are infused with gingko to help with memory and attention. We even have Energy Fruit Chews that include guarana, ginseng, and taurine to give you an extra boost in addition to the effects of THC!



If the advanced reader didn’t need my advice, you really don’t need it. In fact, I’m guessing you probably already know about every product mentioned so far. But I still want to give you at least one recommendation! 


We’ve mentioned our Chocolate Bars already, but our chefs have been pushing them to brand new levels as of late! The latest is our Raspberry Sundae White Chocolate Bar—which not only features bits of chocolate chips and ice cream cones, but is also completed with our now signature color splatter finish. See Expert reader, maybe I can’t tell you anything you don’t know already… but I can still point you to something new!

What edibles helped you advance from the beginner’s circle to high society?

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