What Is 710 Day and How Is It Celebrated?

What Is 710 Day and How Is It Celebrated?

What are you doing on 7/10? For a growing number of cannabis aficionados, the answer will definitely have something to do with cannabis oil and dabbing. While it’s only been around for about a decade, the 710 holiday — also known as Oil Day and Dab Day — has grown quickly, helped in part by publicity from major industry insiders and publications. So what exactly is the meaning of 710, how did it start, who’s celebrating it, and how can you join in?


Why 710 Is Oil Day

The simple explanation is that when you type 710 into an LCD calculator and turn it upside down, it spells OIL. That doesn’t explain how the term became associated with cannabis oils, though, or who started it and why. To get there, you need to do a little more digging. 

How It Started

If you’ve heard about the
origin of 420, the internationally known celebration of all things cannabis-related, you know that it took nearly 40 years to finally pin down where it all started. It’s hard to believe, then, that the origin of 710 is considered even more mysterious, especially since there seems to be a pretty definitive beginning to it all. According to
Mitchell Colbert at
The Leaf Online, the term 710 had an Urban Dictionary definition as early as 2010, and was being connected to cannabis oil publicly in
LA Weekly,
High Times, and
International Business Times by 2013. 

Colbert also reports on his interview with underground rapper TaskRok, who says the term came about in a chat session with a few other industry folks who were bemoaning the fact that 420 had become too mainstream. They felt there should be a holiday devoted to dabbing — vaporizing cannabis concentrates rather than burning and smoking flower. It was TaskRok who suggested July 10 — 7/10 — as the new celebration date. To cement the date, TaskRok and Linus Stubbs released a new album,

The Movement, on July 10, 2011, which featured tracks like “Boil That Oil” and “7:10.” 

What 710 Day is All About

710 Day is a celebration of cannabis concentrates, including rosin, live resin, shatter, budder, wax, batter, cannabis oils and more. One of the most popular ways of consuming these is by dabbing — vaporizing the wax or other concentrate on a red-hot nail and inhaling the resulting vapor. While it requires a little more equipment and knowledge than drawing on a vape pen, proponents of dabbing point out that there are a number of benefits to dabbing that make the steeper learning curve worth tackling. Read on to learn them.

  • Dabbing and vaping are among the fastest ways to get cannabinoids into your system. Whether your goal is immediate pain relief or instant relaxation, cannabis oils will get you there quicker than nearly any other method of consumption.
  • Dabbing is cleaner than smoking. There are no papers, wraps, or extraneous plant materials involved, so you’re not inhaling tars and carbon along with your THC and CBD.
  • New extraction methods deliver very pure concentrates, with some having a concentration of 90 percent THC.
  • Some types of concentrate lend themselves to very precise dosing, giving the consumer — you — more control over their intake.
  • The newest extraction methods also can preserve and/or duplicate the exact terpene profile of the original flower so that you get the full flavor and effects of the flower without having to smoke it.
  • There’s no objectionable, lingering odor to announce your activity to the world.

Learn more about dabbing in our Dabbing 101 article!

Of course, you don’t have to become an expert with a butane torch to celebrate 710. There are electronic dab rigs, vaporizers and vape pens that pretty much eliminate the learning curve so you can relax and indulge without the stress of wondering if you’re doing it right.

How to Celebrate 710 Day

In the 10 years since its introduction, 710 has gained a steady following and an international reputation. While it’s nowhere near as high profile as 420 — yet — each year brings new events and recognition to the young holiday. This year, for example, the San Diego Farmers Cup is hosting a 710 Concentrates Only event, allowing growers and processors to feature their best concentrates in competition. Other 710 events include Arizona’s 710 Degree Cup, Colorado’s Kush Masters 710 Celebration, and Oregon’s Camp Sesh.  The day is more than a producers’ holiday, though. On social media, there are millions of posts featuring hashtags that include 710. It’s obvious that cannasseurs are more than ready to embrace another day of celebration for the noble weed, this one focused specifically on concentrates and extracts.

Four Ways to Celebrate 710 Day

  1. Try something new.
    If you’ve never tried dabbing, Dab Day is the perfect excuse to be a little adventurous. If you’re entirely new to the world of concentrates, a disposable vape pen is an easy entry point.
  2. Plan a full day of enjoyment. Browse our selection of vape oils and their effects to plan an experiential day like no other. You’ll find blends that sharpen your creativity, help you relax, chill your mood, or ease you into sleep. 
  3. Cook up something special. Infused Olive Oil is the easy way to add a little something extra to your 710 party menu.
  4. Celebrate women in cannabis.
    Log into
    Vanguard Media’s virtual 710 Day celebration and hear from women who are making a difference in the cannabis industry while hanging out in breakout sesh rooms and joining in other fun. Make your participation even more meaningful by enjoying our Music for Change special vape blend, with part of the proceeds going to Calling All Crows and their mission to bring awareness to issues affecting women and girls.

If you need help choosing the best vape oils or cannabis concentrates for your use, reach out to our experienced staff for help and advice. They’re always happy to answer your questions and help you find cannabis options that will best suit you and your needs.

Deb Powers is a Massachusetts freelance writer who has been writing about cannabis and other wellness topics for nearly 20 years. Her work has appeared in
Civilized.Life and on numerous industry websites and publications.


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