Does CBN help you sleep?

Does CBN help you sleep?

If you haven’t heard about cannabinol — also known as CBN — then you will soon. One of more than 100 cannabinoids identified in cannabis, CBN has been known for quite a while, but it’s recently getting a lot of attention for its possible sleep-inducing properties.

Bethany Gomez, managing director of cannabis research company Brightfield Group, noted that the number of cannabis consumers who had heard of CBN doubled in just about three months last year as companies introduced new CBD sleep aids containing CBN. So what is CBN and how does it help you sleep?

What Is CBN?

Cannabinol, or CBN, is a rare cannabinoid found in very low levels in the plant. It is produced as THC degrades through exposure to light and air, which is why you’ll find more CBN in older flower than in fresher buds. 

In simpler — and less precise — terms, THC converts into CBN over time, especially if exposed to light and air. It’s a slow process naturally, but the end result is what some cannasseurs refer to as “perfectly aged weed.”

CBN: What Research Says

Those seeking medical, sleep and mood benefits from cannabis without the intoxication may find that high levels of CBN are exactly the ticket. The
earliest research on CBN, way back in 1975, found that it seemed to increase the sedative effects of THC. 

In addition,
research conducted in animal models suggests that
CBN helps prolong sleep, a major benefit for those who find that their
sleep is often interrupted. This, coupled with years of anecdotal evidence, suggested that CBN is the compound in cannabis that makes you sleepy. 

Many researchers believe that the key to unlocking the benefits of CBN for sleep lies in the entourage effect,
a theory suggesting that the terpenes and other compounds present in cannabis work together synergistically to contribute to the overall psychoactive effects of the plant. But thanks to the decades-long embargo on scientific research into cannabis, more recent research on the effects of CBN is scarce. 

Newer studies have pointed towards other benefits of CBN, however, including pain management,
anti-inflammatory action,
antibacterial properties and
mood improvement.

Benefits Of CBN For Sleep

In addition to enhancing the sedative effects of cannabis, CBN seems to offer more benefits not yet fully quantified. For instance a
2019 study found that CBN may help relieve pain, and concluded that it might be helpful for those suffering from
TMJ or fibromyalgia

The same research also found that CBN shows some anti-inflammatory properties, which may also reduce pain caused by inflammation.

How To Take CBN

Finding high-CBN products is still a bit tricky — it’s nowhere near as popular as its cousin, CBD — but that’s changing. A number of manufacturers have begun producing CBN products in recent times, including Sleep+, an innovative new product from Garden Remedies. Sleep+ uses a newly developed method of extracting CBN from cannabis smoke, taking advantage of the heat that unlocks all the benefits of the sleep cannabinoid, and leading to restful, peaceful nights.

Living your best life begins with a good night’s sleep, and a good night’s sleep begins with Sleep+, the revolutionary new way to access the relaxing, rest-inducing benefits of CBN. Talk to one of our experienced professional Cannabis Advisors to learn more about Sleep+ and how it can help you sleep through the night and start each day well-rested and ready to go.

Deb Powers is a Massachusetts-based freelance writer who has been writing about cannabis and other wellness topics for nearly two decades. Her work has appeared in Civilized.Life and on many industry websites.


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