Can Cannabis Enhance Intimacy with Your Partner?

Can Cannabis Enhance Intimacy with Your Partner?

As cannabis progressively becomes more mainstream, more research emerges about its effects on our bodies, minds and behaviors. Celebrated for an abundance of healing and therapeutic properties, cannabis is moving past the long-standing assumption that it decreases productivity or motivation. And since it’s known for enhancing your sensory perception, does that extend into the bedroom? Can cannabis improve your sex life and help build better intimacy? Or does it have a negative impact on sexual desire and performance? Read on to discover what you need to know.


Is Cannabis an Aphrodisiac?

For certain people, it can be. Some users claim it
heightens their arousal, while others experience a reduction in issues that can hinder their libido, like pain, anxiety and depression. When you consume cannabis, your
endocannabinoid system activates, which can induce feelings of relaxation and pleasure — leading to sexual desire.


So, how does cannabis impact sex?


Increased Likelihood of Intimacy

study published in the peer-reviewed journal
Cannabis followed 183 heterosexual couples for thirty days. Participants tracked each time they consumed cannabis or engaged in sexual activity and noted whether the interaction involved intimacy, love and support.


The data showed that intimate moments were more likely to occur within two hours of the cannabis consumption. The authors noted that using cannabis with a person’s partner for sexual encounters may “serve to reinforce continued couple use and explain the positive effects of concordant substance use on relationship functioning over time.”


Increased Frequency of Intimacy

study from Stanford University School of Medicine evaluated data from more than 50,000 men and women, aged twenty-five to forty-five. Participants indicated the amount of times they had sex within the previous four weeks and how often they consumed cannabis in the previous year.


The authors compiled data for several years and detected a positive association between the frequency of cannabis consumption and frequency of sex, for both men and women. Women who reported using cannabis every day said they had sex an average of 7.1 times throughout the previous four weeks, versus 6.0 times for the nonusers; men averaged 6.9 times for cannabis users and 5.6 times for nonusers, meaning cannabis users had about twenty percent more sex than nonusers.


A More Satisfying Experience

survey from the
Journal Of Sexual Medicine asked men and women to assess the ways that cannabis affects their sexual encounters. The results indicated that:

  • 58.9 percent of participants reported an increased desire for sex
  • 69.8 percent said they relaxed more during sex
  • 73.8 percent reported increased sexual satisfaction
  • 65.7 percent experienced an increased intensity of orgasm
  • 74.3 percent reported an increased sensitivity to touch


Though some participants said cannabis made them tired or less focused, many others determined that marijuana “helped them relax, heightened their sensitivity to touch, and increased intensity of feelings, thus enhancing their sexual experience.”


Overall, research indicates a positive correlation between cannabis use and intimacy for couples. Since cannabis affects everyone differently, there’s no universal strain, product or routine to enhance sex. The fun part is experimenting with your partner, so make sure to grab cannabis next time you head to the bedroom. 

Final Thoughts

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