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What is RSO?

rick simpson oil

Most cannabis extracts, like CBD oil or THC distillate, have names that are self explanatory. Not so for RSO—this one’s named after a person, rather than anything found in the plant itself.

But before the name, let’s explain the basics: RSO is a full spectrum cannabis extract that contains high levels of THC along with other cannabinoids including CBD, and is often recommended for its emphatically relieving physical effects. Our RSO extract is packaged in 1 gram darts, and is currently available to medical patients at every Garden Remedies location.

What does RSO mean?

The acronym RSO stands for Rick Simpson Oil, after the person who first developed this particular kind of cannabis extract. Simpson has often explained that as he was seeking treatment for potentially cancerous skin cells in the early 2000s, he experimented with different kinds of homemade cannabis oils for treatment—and the formula he settled on is what we know today as RSO.

Sometimes referred to as the “godfather of cannabis oil,” Simpson has freely distributed the instructions to make RSO since its creation about 20 years ago, providing a great service to the cause of medicinal cannabis. We’re excited to announce that we now stock our own scientifically formulated version of RSO at Garden Remedies, in response to many longstanding requests from our medical patients.

How is RSO different than other extracts?

The primary difference between RSO and other concentrates is that RSO is made by running a solvent over the full cannabis plant, resulting in an extract oil that contains THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids altogether. For this reason RSO is sometimes also known as “full spectrum cannabis extract,” or as “unrefined cannabis oil.”

Additionally, RSO is usually made from indica or indica-leaning plants, which Simpson himself once wrote are best for “produc[ing] the sleepy sedative effects that aid in healing the patient’s body and [help] the patient to relax while this is taking place.” So for that reason RSO is often high in THC and delivers specifically indica-style effects—a full-bodied feeling of relief.

How can I use RSO?

The RSO at Garden Remedies comes preloaded in a dart syringe, and is fully activated via decarboxylation as part of the extraction process. That’s so you can use it right away, by any of the following methods:

• Drop it sublingual (under the tongue) for quick effects 

• Apply it topically for localized treatment

• Take it with food, for a slower onset as with edibles

Because it’s decarbed before purchase, RSO is not for smoking, vaping, or cooking. If you’re looking for a full spectrum cannabis extract to smoke, vape, dab, or cook with, be sure to try some of our other concentrates, like SFE Oil.

What are the medicinal qualities of RSO?

The story of RSO is directly related to cancer treatment, and so a huge amount of the writing and reporting about the extract has focused on its benefits to cancer patients. And indeed, RSO may help with treatment of symptoms resulting from cancer and chemotherapy, such as headaches, muscle and joint pain, and nausea.

But given that pre-existing focus, it’s worth noting that RSO’s medicinal qualities of course go far beyond just treatment of symptoms from cancer and chemotherapy. Given its indica-derived healing properties, individuals have often cited RSO as helpful in treating symptoms of inflammation, arthritis, and many other physical ailments. 

Is RSO available at Garden Remedies?

RSO is currently available to medical patients at every Garden Remedies location. And we’ve made it available to recreational customers at some locations recently—so if you’re looking for RSO, be sure to check our Concentrates menu pages on a regular basis.

One last thing we should mention: the psychoactive effects of RSO can have a very strong onset, perhaps even more than other distillates. For that reason we highly recommend experimenting with very low dosage sizes to begin with, to help you find the right amount per drop. 

And when you find the right dose, you’ll also find out why RSO has long been among the most requested items for us at Garden Remedies. We’re proud to have finally answered the call!

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