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What is Bubble Hash?

Like many cannabis products, Bubble Hash has a funny name. But in this case, the moniker is meant literally. This highly refined, powdery hash actually bubbles when you run a flame near it, as if to prove its storied potency.

Bubble Hash is a staple of the cannabis experience, sometimes even made at home with simple ice baths. In fact, countless different methods have been passed around for decades… So at Garden Remedies, we’ve precisely established what we believe to be the best practices for producing Bubble Hash, and now work to ensure that every batch lives up to the highest standard.

How is Bubble Hash made?

To put it very briefly, Bubble Hash is made by agitating cannabis flower within ice water to create a fine hash from the resin and trichomes of the plant. Because of the method, Bubble Hash is often considered a more natural alternative to concentrates made with various solvents.

But there are actually many different methods for making Bubble Hash. And the differences can produce huge variables in quality and consistency.

So at Garden Remedies we produce our Bubble Hash in specialized ice baths specifically designed for cannabis extraction, and keep the process completely solventless from start to finish—allowing for the finest results possible.

We also produce our Bubble Hash from a curated blend of high-grade strains that are selected by our cultivators just for this product. By isolating the richest trichomes of standout strains, our Bubble Hash delivers cannabinoids and terpenes in a form that showcases the deepest effects and flavors of cannabis flower.

Is there a difference between regular hash and Bubble Hash?

Most hash is typically made with a solvent, like butane, and may contain extraneous plant matter, additives, and other impurities as a result. In contrast, our Bubble Hash is made naturally using nothing more than micron bags and ice water (along with cannabis flower itself, of course).

As a result Bubble Hash is a far more refined concentrate, with higher percentages of THC and a distinctly fresher taste than other hash products you may have tried before.

Additionally, you’ll notice a difference in appearance and texture: Bubble Hash comes in an unpressed form with a powdery consistency, and often has a light color to it. Actually, they say the lighter the better—you’ll also notice our Bubble Hash skews towards blonde.

How do I use Bubble Hash?

Bubble Hash is best when smoked (although given its very high count of total active compounds, it has sometimes been repurposed for other uses).

When smoking, you’ll want to sprinkle a little on top of a bowl, because the fine consistency of Bubble Hash demands placement right on the surface. Keep the flame a small distance from the hash itself, and you’ll see the concentrated trichomes literally bubbling off the surface!

Is it true that Bubble Hash is “graded?”

Bubble Hash products are often informally graded on a six-star scale, judged on qualities like color and fineness.

At Garden Remedies, we’ve taken a more formal approach: our Bubble Hash is available in Premium, Growers’ Reserve, and Special Stash cuts, with the classification of each batch determined by its total THC content and the fineness of its granules.

We’ve also crafted multiple blends for our Bubble Hash, like Inzane in the Membrane and Mother of Purps, so be sure to keep your eyes out for different options on the menu.

And once you’ve tried Bubble Hash, be sure to let us know about your experience—we’re always working towards new blends for the near future, and want to hear your take!

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