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Local Cannabis Entrepreneurs Graduate from Garden Remedies' Inaugural Catalyst Cannabis Mentoring Program

Garden Remedies, Inc., recently graduated its first class of students from its Catalyst Mentoring Program--a program, created to foster diversity in the fast-evolving and complex cannabis industry, equipped newcomers with additional skills and knowledge they will be able to apply directly to help their businesses thrive. 

The inaugural class was comprised of three participants: Caroline Pineau, owner and CEO of Haverhill Stem; Gerardo Ramos, owner and operator of Holyoke Green Growers; and Erica Travis, founder and owner of Lily Pad Healing Arts.

"My experience working with the Garden Remedies team was transformational and impactful," says Caroline Pineau, Catalyst Program participant and owner and CEO of Haverhill Stem, who plans to operate a locally-owned, female-run cannabis dispensary in downtown Haverhill. ”Having such tremendous access to all aspects of Garden Remedies' operation through personalized one-on-one mentorship sessions has really helped me navigate challenges and elevate my business strategy."