The Heights

Newton’s 2020 Budget Focuses on Education, Infrastructure

Newton’s come a long way, baby! 

According to Mayor Fuller, Newton was not doing well financially nine years ago. But with the 2020 budget being $19 million more than the 2019 budget, and an $18 million expansion in the operating budget, the opposite now holds true for the city.

And with the soon-to-happen opening of Garden Remedies’ first recreational marijuana dispensary in Newton—the city will begin to receive revenue from the shop with some of the revenue going into Newton’s operating budget. Other revenue might come in as part of a “community impact fee,” which would be used for public health, safety, education, and infrastructure that is affected by the sale of marijuana.

“While it is our duty to provide academic excellence and educational equity, it is also our responsibility to keep Newton safe, to make Newton more ‘all age’ friendly with a particular focus on our seniors, to improve our streets, sidewalks, and mobility, to maintain our public buildings and infrastructure, to preserve our neighborhoods, to increase affordable housing and diversify housing options, and to promote vibrant, walkable and financially robust village centers and commercial corridors,” Fuller wrote.