A Guide to Microdosing


If you’re new to the world of cannabis consumption, microdosing may be for you. Microdosing is when you consume a small amount to start, and then assess how you feel before consuming further. It’s basically testing the waters as a way to offset the potential uncomfortable side effects that can be associated with THC. For some, consuming too much THC can result in an increased heart rate, anxiety and paranoia—so many people avoid that situation by microdosing.

The Cannabis Advisors at Garden Remedies are happy to answer your questions about microdosing.



Smoking may be the most challenging way to microdose. Many report success using cannabis flower that has a moderate grind versus a fine grind since a fine grind increases the surface area, and therefore, increases the amount of THC consumed. One approach is to inhale for about 2-5 seconds before exhaling, then waiting 10 minutes before consuming further.

Vaporizing: Easier to microdose than smoking, some people control vaporizing using temperature (which controls the amount and type of compounds consumed). These patients tend to use cannabis flower that has a moderate-to-fine grind and is set to the lowest heat setting. One approach is to inhale for about 2-5 seconds before exhaling, then wait 10 minutes before consuming further.



Edibles is the easiest way to microdose because the dosage instructions are clearly defined on the product packaging. However, patience is a virtue when it comes to edibles. The effects can often take anywhere between an hour to two hours to set in. Many of our patients keep non-medicated snacks on hand (so they don’t accidentally consume too much THC). Some start with a 2.5mg dose of THC or a 5-10mg does of CBD. They consume the product with a healthy fat-based food, such as avocado, to digest with ease. Then, they wait several hours before deciding whether consuming more makes sense.



Dabbing is when consumers smoke concentrated cannabis oils at a high temperature. Because the THC is so concentrated, it is virtually impossible to microdose through dabbing. On the other hand, vape pens allow for temperature control and measured dosing. Many of our patients have successfully microdosed by setting the vape pen at the lowest heat setting. Next, they take a 2-5 second inhale before exhaling, providing a measured dose of about 2-5 mg of THC. Then, they wait 10 minutes before consuming more.



While topicals should not cause a psychoactive reaction, we still recommend trying a small amount of the body balm, lotion or oil to start. This will help avert any adverse skin reactions. We recommend starting with a small amount and measure relief before applying more in order to make your topicals last.