Adult Use in Massachusetts


Massachusetts voters set the state on a path to adult use – sometimes called recreational – marijuana sales in 2016. Adult-use marijuana dispensaries are beginning to open as they are approved across the State. Currently, Garden Remedies offers medical marijuana sales only. However, we have been granted Special Permits for adult use cannabis sales in Newton and Marlborough, MA.  While those locations are not yet open for adult use sales, we hope to start in early 2019, pending regulatory approvals. We will keep you posted!    

Adult use cannabis will be subject to a total state tax of 17% and an additional tax of up to 3% imposed by municipalities.

Adults, age 21 and older, are permitted to possess up to 1 ounce of cannabis in public places or 10 ounces at home. Adults can also grow up to six marijuana plants per person or 12 plants per home. One possible exception is for renters, for whom landlords may prohibit smoking or growing marijuana. Public consumption remains illegal.

At this time, Garden Remedies is not selling adult use cannabis.


To learn more about our efforts in the adult-use cannabis space, visit our newsroom.