Cannabis Methods

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There are many methods of cannabis use that go far beyond “rolling a joint”. It’s important to find which one is right for you. Our Cannabis Advisors can help you decide based on your lifestyle and needs.

  • Ingesting: You can consume medical marijuana as a food product, pill or even an oil. This method carries delayed effects that are reported to last several hours. Garden Remedies offers a variety of ingestible products including edibles such as gummies, candies, and baked goods; as well as pills and tinctures. Tinctures are oils that are typically consumed sublingually.

  • Inhaling: You can either smoke or vaporize medicinal cannabis. Typically the benefits of inhaling include an “almost instant” effect for many medical concerns. Many of our patients report effects that will last for several hours. There are a variety of smoking methods, from “joints” to “dabbing” - both of which have differing effects and strengths, and require a variety of equipment and accessories. To learn more about vaporizing, click here.

  • Topical treatments: When our patients rub lotion, balms or body oils over the skin, they report relaxing effects that relieve pain, soreness and inflammation—without the “high.”  Topical treatments are particularly useful when a medical condition is in an isolated area, such as arthritis in the joints.

The Cannabis Advisors at Garden Remedies will be happy to suggest consumption methods that work best with the symptoms you are experiencing. In fact, some conditions do not respond to particular usage methods, so our Cannabis Advisors can help you find what’s right for you.